Solar System for Caravan

Solar System for Caravan

Anyone who is mobile on the road wants to be self-sufficient and independent. Nevertheless, many devices in the motor home need electricity, so it seems obvious to use the roof on the motor home to generate it. With a solar system, the onboard battery can be replenished. In addition, the energy of the sun is available free of charge and freely. We provide answers to the questions of what is important when choosing the right solar system.

Was kosten Solaranlagen für Wohnmobile?

Die Solaranlagen für den Einsatz auf Wohnmobilen werden oft im Set angeboten. Darin ist bereits der Laderegler enthalten, ebenso wie alle anderen Teile, die zur Montage benötigt werden. Im Set sind sämtliche Komponenten aufeinander abgestimmt, so dass sie nicht mehr modifiziert werden müssen. Leistet das Modul etwa 100 Wp, kostet das Set etwa 300 – 600 Dollars. Wer handwerklich etwas geschickt hat, kann die Montage auf dem Wohnmobil selbst machen.

What power is sufficient for a motorhome?

The selection of the appropriate solar system depends on the power requirements of the camper. Before a system can be selected, not only should it be determined, but it should also be considered where the destinations are that will be reached with the RV. In the sunny south, the system may be smaller in size than in the gloomy north. The power of the solar system is specified by manufacturers in watts peak (Wp). This unit of measurement denotes the electrical output of a solar system under standard conditions. On some systems, watt-hours per day (Wh/ d) are indicated, but this unit of measurement does not conform to any international standard. Wp ratings are quite useful for comparing different offerings. Depending on their size, solar systems have an output of between 50 and just under 200 Wp.

Which solar system is suitable for use in the motor home?

If the travel time and the power requirement are known, it first depends on how much space is available on the roof of the motor home. The solar system should also be explicitly suitable for mobile use. Then it can easily cope with the vibrations and stresses that inevitably occur when driving the motor home. If, on the other hand, the solar systems are intended for permanently mounted house roofs, they are rather unsuitable for operation in a motor home. A solar system for mobile use also has a waterproof junction box and a relatively low open-circuit voltage, so that the batteries of the motor home can be charged well.

Subsequent installation of the solar system in the motor home

Some mobile homes are already equipped with a solar power system. If not, retrofitting is an easy way to generate your own electricity. Often, the charge controller can even be connected directly to the battery without affecting the motorhome’s electrical system. If the charge controller has an appropriately sized load output, it is no problem connecting the entire electrics of the motorhome. A monitor is built into the regulator to ensure that the battery does not receive too little voltage. If the vehicle has special electrical solar panels, in which an ammeter is installed, it will record all the currents that arrive in the battery. If a solar system is to capture light from the sun and be stored as current by the battery, this must also be detected by the measuring resistor. Especially for these cases, there are corresponding charge controllers that are matched to the integrated electric panel.

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